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TR Hall Construction, Inc. recently completed the renovation and expansions at the North Lake College campus, for the Dallas County Community College District.

The campus is located on a 276-acre site in the Las Colinas development in Irving, Texas.  North Lake College serves a student population of 8,000 credit students and 4,000 continuing education students per semester.  The impetus for the latest addition was the need for a renovated and expanded Administration Building  - providing a new "front door" for the campus.  Also needed was an expansion to the mechanical capacity of the central plant - a new Building "N" was added with including a new chiller, cooling tower and related equipment.

The Welcome Center was designed to become the new "front door" to the campus. 

The lobby floors are clad with granite for a durable surface with a feeling of elegance.  A circular reception desk clad in stone and glass panels is wired with computer terminals, phone and data, and is sized to accommodate up to three attendants during the busiest enrollment periods.

The new  "Welcome Center"

Full height mural boards are gracefully arranged along the path to the admittance area.  The design was intended to give the students and faculty a feeling of ownership in something a little different, but interesting, and a place they could call their own.

The problems relating to construction on an operating campus are not unique.  At the North Lake campus, the new administration building addition was shoe horned into and over top of, the existing building - like a puzzle piece.  The construction had to occur in the heart of the campus.  There were three levels of occupied classrooms and offices, including the president's office, directly beneath the construction. 

The schedule was to be a ten-month schedule, so classes needed to proceed while construction operations continued.  TR Hall Construction would have to demolish the old plaza deck, masonry walls, and roofing, while classes went on. 

Careful planning, phasing of operations and strategic placement of barricades and temporary partitions were the order of business. Scheduling of noisy operations for after-hours operations was not a convenient choice since this busy campus stays in operation late in the evenings and on Saturday during the weekend. 

Demolition was the first phase of construction for the addition to the administration building. 

The old    terrace, containing sidewalks, planter walls and beds filled with landscaping had to be cleared down to the roof slab and prepared for new columns. 

The new construction would be added over three levels of building, which would continue to operate for classes and administration. 

So logistically, equipment that was

New wing added on top - Level 4

suitable for removal operations had to be mobilized to the top deck and then materials staged generally twice before eventually being hauled off site.  The entire demolition effort took less than three weeks.  Special recognition goes to Lloyd Nabors Demolition for their expertise in this challenging phase of the project. 

Randall Scott Architects designed the project.  The firm enjoys a reputation for designing educational facilities, primarily for higher education.